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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Creamy Comfort

As much as I love chew, I also love things that are creamy!
For my dessert last night I had 1/2 cup of whipped 1% cottage cheese, which is so much better than the regular stuff!! I topped mine with POM seeds and it was the perfect sweet creamy combo.

For breakfast I was craving another Kristin Choco-banana-berry smoothie! It seems like its all I've wanted when I'm here at home in the mornings!

I had 1.5 cups full! Yum!

This morning I'm doing some Anatomy study work, and then I'm going to the gym and meeting my grandpa for lunch on campus before my classes! I always love going out to eat with him, so it should be a nice break in my day!

I'll post later tonight after classes!


Anonymous said...

I'm late to last nights post but I have to say...great looking salad and yum to the stir fry!

Can you tell me what pom seeds taste like? Are they sweet or tart? I've never had them! Have fun with your Grandpa today :)

jess said...

Haha, the smoothies look great. Better not kill that blender (unless it happens Before xmas ;) )

VeggieGirl said...


Good luck with classes!!