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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just as good

... the day after!
I had to dig into my fabulous leftovers from last night's decadent meal! More on lunch in a sec!

Earlier today I left for my parents' house, and went for a great run around their neighborhood. It was a great temperature to run- I can't believe it's 58 degrees in November! I'm not complaining!
Before I left, I snacked on a tiny piece of spanish bread my sister made for a school project. It was sweet and had a light taste of anise, which is one of my favorite flavors!

When I came back I chowed down on a HUGE apple before showering and heading out.

I spent the early afternoon grocery shopping, I'm on a super tight budget and only had $35 to spend this week... $5 of which I already spent yesterday on an interesting new find I'm going try... you'll see it soon!
I made it right at $30... but I was under until I added the new issue of Cosmo mag to the pile ;)
I'm a big magazine fan- I subscribe to Self, Shape, Cooking Light, Vegetarian Times, Glamour and Marie Claire- I frequently buy Women's Health, Oxygen, and Cosmo!!

So, enough fun facts about me, here are the goods:

Just the basics, but I made it!
After I got home I was STARVING and I knew exactly what I wanted. So I scooped out about 1/3 of what was left of my meal from last night- some pasta, most of the rest of the spinach and sundried tomatoes, and 1.5 pieces of chicken. I also couldn't resist a bite of foccacia and two leftover mussels! This was a nice change for a Saturday afternoon, my taste buds surely liked it!

I have some work to do, but mostly I'll be relaxing today- I need it to wind down after the stress of the week.
Hope your Saturdays go well!


Anonymous said...

ooooooooo what kind of apple is that? i love the color!

Kristin said...

Macintosh, my all-time favorite! (Although honey crisp are a close second =] )