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Monday, November 24, 2008

Over and done with

Menu project turned in- check.
Last Anatomy exam before final- check.
Bank run (x2)- check.
Search for warm winter hat (success!)- check.
Last minute supplies for Dinner/Thanksgiving- check.
Phew. What a load off of my shoulders.

Got everything I needed to get done before I came home today- all before 1 pm!!
Now I can get started on finishing up my work for the week- my Anatomy professor announced there was no class on Wednesday, on top of no class in Nutrition, so I am OFFICIALLY off on Wednesday- I only have tomorrow to worry about before I'm free for the weekend!! (Aside from Lab/Nutrition studying)

This morning I headed to the gym for my usual Monday morning workout. I wanted to see if I could squeeze in 2 more reps of each exercise easily, in order to move up to 12 lbs once December starts, which was my goal- I made it! It was a breeze doing two more of each, except for the fact it took longer and I had to cut the last part of my strength a bit short! I still did 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes strength.
Morning eats included the usual fare- 1/2 a clif before, cereal, 0% chobani and banana afterwards.

I grabbed a coffee with a splash of skim before class to give me some pre-exam energy, and then whizzed through my exam (it went ok! fingers crossed!) before heading off campus to do my errands. While out and about I ate my packed lunch- a new sammie combo- 3 slices honey ham, with a light laughing cow, spinach and djon on an Arnold's sandwich thin. LOVED this combo!!

I also had a huge Honey Crisp apple on the side.

Time to crack down and finish up my work for tomorrow! Plans for today besides work include making a planned leftovers meal (so I can have something to eat next week when I have no chance to shop during the weekend!), some laundry and early thanksgiving prep! Lots to do, I love how busy I am- with no big stressors wearing me down!


VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for productivity!! :-)

Enjoy the rest of your day!!

Anonymous said...

That sandwich looks great!! We don't have those sandwich thins here, BIG :( everyone raves about them!