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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pucks and Pizza!

What a great way to end my weekend!
I woke up (semi) early this morning to get ready for work. I'm thinking I need to re-proclaim my Sunday mornings as "sleep in" (as in, 7:30am) mornings because lately I've had late weekends and I'm so exhausted by Sunday just the thought of getting up early to exercise, even just for yoga is way too painful. My mind, and my body need rest to start my week. So, when I have the time I'll work out after work, but today I just made sure I was active at work (I was! Running around putting up signs 4.5/6 hours I was there!) and that will be my activity for the day today.
For breakfast I had my fave smoothie (1.5 cups of what's pictured) made the usual way.

For food I packed the usual work fare- almonds for a snack, chili, carrots and an apple for my lunch break.

These (plus 1 more) also happened to slip in my mouth at work- mint christmas nougats! I love these! I can't resist little bits of christmas candy, it's far too good- but I try to portion it out! 1 serving of these is 5, so 3 isn't too bad ;)

My extra morning rest was worth it. Work went smoothly, and went by pretty fast and then afterwards I hopped in the car and my dad drove up t Providence so we could go to the Providence Bruins game!
In the car on the way there I had my afternoon snack- 1/2 cup 1% whipped cottage cheese.

It was so much fun, I drank a medium French Vanilla Dunkin' Donuts coffee throughout the game, and then after my dad treated me to a spinach pie at Casserta's Pizzeria! Mmm! I had mine with cheese and dipped in in some hot marinara sauce- the best way, in my opinion!

I'm back home now, finishing up some last minute work before I head to bed and get some more rest for my busy next two days! I'm very excited to get Monday & Tuesday over with, because Wednesday I have NO CLASS and then Thursday is my 3rd favorite holiday (after Halloween and Christmas!) in which I am going to spend the morning cooking and the afternoon eating (what could be better?!?) and then Friday I'm off bright and early to go to Canada with the boy!! So excited!!

'See' y'all tomorrow!


VeggieGirl said...

Such much excitement for ya in the upcoming weekend - enjoy!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the looks of that Spinach pie! Have a great week :D