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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tastes and tidbits

Today was a little bit of everything- I left my house a little late this morning so I just took a nice walk on the treadmill- 4.0mph pace at a 10% incline when I got to my house.
Afterwards I showered and snacked on this apple on the way to go shopping:

We spent about an hour and a half in VS (got some new bras and undies! whoo!) and then headed to Whole Foods for lunch and Thanksgiving shopping!
While I was browsing the food I spotted this sample of wild grain stuffing with mushroom gravy I had to try-


My lunch was a mish mosh of a lot- grilled veggies, a few pieces of tofu, seitan, a bit of salmon salad, a couple noodle salads and a dumpling.

I found pretty much everything I needed, as well as couple Italian dessert samples- amaretto cake and a fruit/nut cake bite!

Shopping and tasting, so much fun!!

We headed back home and I got started on a couple hours of studying before making dinner.
While I was studying I felt a bit snacky, so I grabbed a few dried apricots and a plain chobani with cinnamon.

Dinner was fab! I made my mom and sister Jenna's Chicken Piccata, as well as baked a couple HUGE sweet potatoes we split and topped with smart balance, and some delicious roasted purple cauliflower- not only was it tasty but it was fun to eat because purple is one of my favorite colors!!

I just got back to my place, and dug into 1/2 of this bottle:

Nothing extra, just pure apple cider goodness! I was craving something sweet and when I saw this at W.F. I knew it would be a great treat! I gave my sister half so I would just have one portion and warmed the rest.

Now I'm watching one of my favorite movies, Across the Universe and settling down for a while tonight. I may do some more studying, but I'm pretty exhausted!



VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for Whole Fooooooods!!! I went there yesterday as well :-)

HangryPants said...

Have you been to the new Trader Joe's? It's fun!

Kristin said...

No, I have not and I'm so excited too! Soon, when I have some $$!!