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Monday, December 15, 2008

Baked to perfection

Boy, does my oven need a rest... I spent 2.5 hours baking 62 peanut butter ginger cookies!

For a snack I had an apple...

and then two cookies!

a delicious PB ginger, right out of the oven

and a jumble, so it wouldn't feel left out!

The cookies are just as good, if not better than I remembered!

I didn't get any present wrapping done yet today... but I did write out all my Christmas cards!

For dinner, I used my oven yet again to make a delicious Clean Eating recipe- Baked Penne with turkey, and I substituted bell peppers for asparagus. I 1/2ed the recipe, and the boy had a HUGE portion, as did I... and there was still a bunch of leftovers!
It was fantastic though, pretty easy to pull together, tasty and filling!

I'll definately be making this one again!

Now I've been relaxing, doing some reading and being a lazy bum before Heroes comes on later tonight!
Tomorrow will be another easy workout/study/bake day... and then from Wednesday until Sunday it gets pretty darn crazy!!
I need these couple of days of laziness!


VeggieGirl said...

AMAZING cookies.

Enjoy your evening!! said...

love the cookies :)

enjoy heroes!

Simple and Divine said...

The post about your 10 things you learned was incredible! I'd say your best post to date!

fitbird said...

Do you subscribe to Clean Eating? I keep seeing it mentioned and wonder if it is worth the subscription. The pasta dish looks so yummy. And, cookie madness everywhere! May have to make me some cookies soon...

Enjoy your next few days of relaxing :)

Kristin said...

I don't subscribe, but I should because I buy every single issue! It has great, healthy, easy recipes. I highly recommend it! I almost always try 3 or 4 of the recipes featured in it!!