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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chocolatey, melty goodness

Oh. My. Lord.

How is that for some food porn?
About 30 seconds after our photo shoot, me and that cookie right there had a very special moment...
chocolate party, in my mouth.
It literally melted in my mouth, and tasted like the BEST combination of fudge and espresso out there. If you don't like rich chocolate, this may not be for you.
But for all you chocolate fans out there, this was the BEST chocolate cookie I have ever tasted!

And I ate so much dough I wasn't hungry for an afternoon snack... no joke!
I just had this here date, and I'm pretty sure I'm set until dinner!

Ok, to backtrack I did do some healthier eating today... I had a tasty balanced lunch of a turkey sammie made with 2 slices organic turkey, a light laughing cow, spinach and 1 tbsp Sabra's garlic hummus on an Arnold's sandwich thin. Sammie perfection! On the side, my usual carrots and an apple. Usually when I'm home I make something more inventive, but the turkey needed to be eaten and I love my healthy trio!!

I spent the afternoon studying and baking as planned... as well as wrapped 13 packages!!
Now I'm about to get ready for my dinner with the fam & Nick... soo pumped for Hibachi! (For all those who aren't familiar with Hibachi-style, they make your meal right in front of you on a big japanese 'hibachi' grill! So much fun!

P.S. Looks like my Italian Christmas video will be up later this week- most likely Friday or Saturday! Get excited!!


Simple and Divine said...

Chocolate Melties! Beautiful, Kris!!

And have fun at Hibachi! I love those guys :) They're always having such a great time and it makes the experience all the more enjoyable, don't you think?

Medjool Dates TRULY are Nature's Candy! Fabulous!

And I, for one, Cannot WAIT for the video! You are so cute, I can't wait to see you in action! XO

VeggieGirl said...

Amaaaazing Melties - yum.


Have fun tonight!!

I have 2 videos posted right now :-) Looking forward to yours!!