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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Planning and Procrastinating

Happy 2nd day of December! 23 days until Christmas!

Last night as I was planning out my Kinesiology presentation, I felt a bit hungry so I had this juicy tangerine I picked up at the store earlier in the evening.

Then I got a snacky/chocolatey craving but I couldn't decide what I wanted... so I went with two small italian biscotti while at my computer.

I probably shouldn't be snacking as much after all the indulgences this past weekend, but I'm keeping portions under control!

This morning was a typical Tuesday morning- I went for exactly what I was craving; a choco-banana-berry smoothie!
1.5 cups of deliciousness, as usual.

I did some studying and some house chores before having an early lunch- I was planning on a wrap and realized I left them at Nick's house when we were making lunches for the trip, so I settled on a freezer option- that turned out to be just what I wanted! I heated up an Amy's California burger and sandwiched it between a Matthew's whole wheat bun with a light laughing cow wedge, spinach and ketchup. For sides I had baby carrots (I missed my carotenoids!) and a real pickle Nick's mom sent us home with! It might have been the best part of the meal, exactly the way a pickle should taste! Yum!

Now that I'm all full I'll be getting my stuff together and heading to the gym in a bit for some exercise before classes. I have a presentation in Kinesiology I'm a bit nervous about, then my next- to-last class in writing, which I am VERY excited about! Dinner tonight is probably going to be a quick one after my late night. I'll post later on!

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K said...

Love the sound of that smoothie! Good luck on your presentation :)