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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home sweet home

Ahh, it feels good to be back at the parents house for the night!
I spent the afternoon packing and cleaning, but I took a break for a healthy snack- an apple with a 1/2 cup chobani/cinnamon 'dip'...

and a treat- a fudgey chocolate cookie!

Back home I unpacked my car and chatted with my mom and sis for a while... I haven't unpacked anything else yet though, I'm pretty exhausted from the packing process today!
My mom made me dinner as planned- Tuna Casserole with multigrain pasta, chunk light tuna and peas. I made a side of lemony garlic steamed broccoli.
Here's my portion:

And back for seconds!

It was delicious- my fave home cooked meal!

After dinner I had this bite of cookie my sister gave me...

and for dessert I'm planning on nibbling on the second dark chocolate brownie my sis made me.
I hopped on the scale and realized I gained 4 pounds more than my 'happy weight'...which means more motivation to get back on track once the holidays are over!

I'm going to unpack a bit now and spend the night relaxing, reading, maybe watching a christmas movie as well! I feel like I can finally relax now!


Simple and Divine said...

How do you get on the scale? I'm terrified of scales. Like, I WON'T step on one (other than at my weigh ins, obviously), but even when I do, it's ALWAYS blindly. You're so brave :)

And I think you look beautiful anyways!

VeggieGirl said...

Enjoy your time at home immensely, girl!! And have a Merry Christmas :-)