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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tis the season...

For friends, family and good food! I spent the afternoon baking... and had a few of these while making the crust for my dark chocolate cheesecake:

I also stole a malted milk ball off the sister's gingerbread house and had this cookie my mom brought home from work (she's a preschool teacher)...

I snacked on an apple and 1/2 cup 1% whipped cottage cheese to hold me until dinner.

Dinner was fantastic as it always is at Seven Moons! There were 11 of us celebrating, so we all ordered something yummy and shared!
For appetizers I had one spicy chicken wing, two dumplings, a piece of spicy scallop roll and a couple bites of a rib.

For dinner we all shared some delicious entrees- pad thai, seven moons rice (with shrimp and ham, general tso's and pork with vegetables.

I ordered lemon chicken strips, which I had two of:

Soo delicious! I felt good with my portions, I was full but not stuffed at all- I had room to share this sundae with my sister and twin cousins!

We only ate 3/4 though, it was HUGE!

I'm back home now, hanging out for a while... we just opened our first couple of presents and I got j crew pajamas and table topics... a fun game of questions I've been playing with my family! I also just finished making some deviled eggs for the family appetizer- my grandpa loves them and the woman who normally brings them won't be at dinner tomorrow so the chef-to-be had to take the slack! ;)
We're going to midnight mass this evening, then I'm getting a few hours of sleep before waking up on Christmas morning and seeing what Santa brought me!

Have a very Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!

Sorry if the pics are out of order, its my fam's crazy computer- sorry!

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VeggieGirl said...

'Tis the season, indeed :-) Glad you had a lovely family dinner and received great gifts so far!!

Merry Christmas!!