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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Done for the day

Boy, am I glad to be done for the day.
It was snowy this morning, so it was pretty dead at work all day- nothing too interesting, but I'm exhausted from just being there for 7 hours!!

I woke up this morning and had another muscle milk light smoothie- this time with chocolate muscle milk, which was good but I think I prefer the vanilla.

For food at work I packed myself a honey ham sandwich with 4 slices honey ham, a light laughing cow cheese wedge and spinach on 2 slices Arnold's Natural whole wheat bread, along with two carrots for lunch. I also packed some almonds I snacked on mid morning and grapes I snacked on after my shift was over.

Even though I just had my snack a while ago I think I'm going to make a simple dinner soon and have a slow, relaxing night tonight. I had fun with my sister yesterday but we stayed up late- this girl needs her rest so I'll be in bed early tonight for sure!

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