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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Warm from the inside out

Lately I've been focusing on eating more warming foods, as one of the simple changes to support my dosha (primarily vata)... it has had SUCH a significant change in the way I feel after I eat! Almost like I am "warmed", body and spirit from the inside out. I even heated my ham sammie for a bit in the toaster oven at work today! I always knew I loved hot foods (even in the summer!) So far even the small changes I've made to be more dosha-friendly have had great results =)

Dinner was simple and quick- I heated up some chunky lentil soup I made last week and froze, topped with a tiny bit (about 1 tsp) of parmesan cheese. On the side I had some leftover red pepper I wanted to use up. I love the taste of pepper but I know it's not the best for my dosha type (especially raw!) but this was a small portion. The meal was yummy and filling, great Sunday night eats.

For dessert I tried out one of the new Kozy Shack Rice Puddings I bought- SO. GOOD.!!! I had one that I heated and topped with some cinnamon, along with 1/2 a juicy pink grapefruit for dessert. This was a great combo- I had fruit that I was craving and a warm, hearty dessert treat as well!

Relaxing in bed with my new book on Ayurveda for the night!

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VeggieGirl said...

Loooove warming meals.

Enjoy your night!!