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Friday, February 20, 2009

On a roll

I am on a roll today! It's 2:15 and I've gotten a whole lot done today, which I am very happy about because I have a pretty busy weekend/beginning of week ahead of me!

So far today I:
-Woke up at 7:15
-Made a delicious smoothie for breakfast
-headed to the gym for a 70 minute workout
-commuted to school, did reading before class
-had nutrition class, took lots of notes!
-lunch, hilighting for exam (chapter 1)
-typed review notes for chapter 1
-more hilighting (chapter 2)
-read a long chapter for writing
-2 page writing assignment
-planned out next week's meals/groceries
-planned out my crazy weekend

I'm posting now (sans pictures) because I have to work 4-9 (I don't usually work on Fridays, but because of my mini-vacay last weekend and a schedule mix-up I agreed to go in for 5 hours tonight!).

Breakfast, as I mentioned, was a smoothie. A new DELISH combo- 1 cup each tropical frozen fruit and soy milk, a scoop of chocolate designer whey, and a banana. Yummy and filling!

Held me through my workout:
Elliptical, 35 minutes level 10 (212 calories blasted!)
35 minutes of arms-
Triceps 3 sets/8 15 lbs
Biceps 3 sets/8 15 lbs
Rows/Presses 2 sets/10 15 lbs
Shrugs 2 sets/10 35 lbs
Assisted pullups/dips 2 sets/10 50-60 lbs

Then I snacked on a cheese stick to hold me through Sports Nutrition.

After Nutrition I headed to the library to study, study, study- then I had some extra time at the end of studying for springpad and blogging before I head to run a few errands before work!
I ate my lunch while hilighting for my NFS exam- a honey hame/laughing cow/spinach sammie on a sandwich thin and some carrots. I was still hungry so I grabbed a golden delicious apple from the coffee cart in the library as well!

I packed another snack for mid afternoon- my favorite Muscle Milk Light 'candy bar'.

For dinner I packed a heaping bowl of leftover burrito filling (lean turkey, black beans, corn, sauteed peppers and onions, spices) and some TJ's tortilla chips to dip/crunch.
Hopefully this will hold me through my (inevitably boring) night at work, and then later tonight I may or may not be heading to a party with the boy. We'll see how tired I am!

I'll post pics later on tonight, or tomorrow a.m. at the latest!
Have a great Friday all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy, but productive day! I LOVE those! Especially when you get a lot done early on! Have a great weekend!!