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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to routine

Another drawn out Tuesday has come to a close.
It was another long one (surprised?) but I did feel a lot more energized after a relaxing day off yesterday, even if I did spend the whole day studying!

I went to the gym in the morning- 30 minutes on the stat bike and 20 minutes of legwork.
I had 1/2 of my last (tear) pb chocolate chip clif bar (please come back soon!!) before, and yogurt, trail mix (TJ's fruit and nut) and a banana after.

Classes were good; I'm preparing for an exam in BOTH of them next week so I was glad those weren't the classes cancelled yesterday!

For lunch I had a yummy turkey sammie- all natural turkey on an arnold's sandwich thin with a light laughing cow, spinach and a squirt of honey mustard along with some grapes.

After some studying, I got HUNGRY mid-afternoon, and had this Pure Protein Karma bar I had laying around.

It was good, but hard as a rock! Unfortunately I was still hungry after I ate it, luckily I was at Starbucks so I grabbed a nonfat sugar free early gray tea latte (tall size) to hold me until dinner.

Did it's trick! Dinner at work was yummy- Annie's as leftovers is just as good as the first day! I added some chicken to mine to pump up the protein, and some snap peas for veggies on the side.

Back home after work I snacked on this blood orange- look at the deep red bloody color! Mmm, tart and sweet- just how I love it!

Ok, time for rest. Sorry for the speedy post, but remember- it's a Tuesday!
More tomorrow, night all!

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