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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Comfy cozy

It's colldddd out there, but it's nice and comfy and warm in here!

My day at work went by fast, I was on with the lovely Erica, who makes working less stressful as opposed to more-stressful-than-it-should-be (like some managers I know...) and we had lots to do (sale signs! tpr! rebates!) so it was quick and generally uneventful. Which was good, seeing as I'm living with a major sleep deficit!

After work was over, I went back home and snacked on an orange, and 1/2 cup Kashi U cereal to hold me until dinner.

I did some school work and relaxed for a while, tonight is allll about R&R after my last two busy days!

Dinner was comfort food at it's best! I have been dreaming about this meal all day... I loves me some easy n' tasty veggified-tuna mac!

I used Annie's organic mac and cheese with aged real cheddar (1 cup) mixed with 3 oz chunk light tuna and about a cup of micro-steamed broccoli. What a great combination!

This was packed with protein, and it came out to be a HUGE bowl... so it was yummy and filling! I saved the other half of the box for later in the week =)

Plans for tonight:
-Springpad organizing (calming to me!)
-Face mask
-home pedicure
-Reading my new issue of Yoga Journal
-Resting, sipping tea, and relaxing my stresses away.

Edited to add:

Cutting back
Although I ate a LOT of indulgent foods this weekend, and did declare I am "cutting back" on the treats from now on (for Training!) I still had to eat dessert!
My desserts will just be a bit lighter.
Tonight I had a bowl of grapes...

and a piece of Italian Baci dark hazelnut chocolate

I just can't live without chocolate ;)


Simple and Divine said...

Kris, your pictures look A.MAAAZING Lady!!! That orange is gorrgeous! Have a great night, doll <333

Tal said...

You're my idol for being satisfied with that tiny piece of chocolate :)