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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I guess it was inevitable. The boy has been sick for over a week now, he’s just starting to get over his cold (aside from a pesky cough) and today I have a serious case of the sniffles. I had to keep going back to my bag for tissues at the gym today my nose kept running!! My throat’s a little sore too, so I’m chugging Emergen-C, taking ColdCalm religiously and hoping for the best. I hope by getting lots of sleep, vitamin c and drinking lots of water I can at least tame the beast!

I woke up well rested, if anything this morning. I had a nice cereal/yogurt combo, because although it’s dark and rainy out, it’s pretty warm today (45, whoo!).
I had ½ cup Kashi U, ¼ cup Nature’s Path Flaxplus granola and a HUGE banana I sliced over a container of 0% chobani. I love this mix!
Pantry items used: 2

It kept me fueled throughout my workout, but I had to take it easy on the elliptical today- my glutes are majorly sore after my leg work yesterday! I did 35 minutes on level 8. Then I did some arm work, I mixed it up by using some 12 pounds at the end to work on slow form work- bicep curls and pressups on top of my usual routine. I spent about 35 minutes strength training and headed to the showers.

I packed some hearty healthy food in my lunch box today, a cheese stick I ate mid-morning before my class, and then a can of Amy’s vegetable soup with an apple for lunch.

Pantry items used: 1

This was very tasty, but I wish I had packed something with more protein to hold me over! I was hungry just a couple hours later, so I snacked on a bowl of some wasabi trail mix and grapes.

I didn’t have my evening class today, so I went home and got some work done in the comfort of my cozy house before getting dinner together. I was so excited for tonight’s dinner!!

I made Tex-Mex turkey calzones out of Cooking Light magazine, along with my barbequed black beans as a side. Recipe will be posted in my recipes post soon!

I had my calzone with a couple tablespoons each fat free sour cream and spicy salsa. YUM!
Pantry items used: 4
+ sour cream I already had
I also had 1/2 a bottle of Kombucha for a healthy boost! Cranberry is a delicious flavor!

Well, I'm off to a yoga class tonight... I'm so stressed out I need it!

Two Girl Scout cookies were the perfect dessert after yoga!


VeggieGirl said...

Have fun at yoga and feel better!!

balancemycake said...

That calzone looks taaaast-Y!
Aw not feeling well? Booo. Nothing girl scout cookies can't fix!! :-D

So yeah I'll be in RI that weekend, so let's see if we can get some more people!! It'd be a lotta fun!! :)


Erica said...

omg, I freaking love Kumbucha! Unfortunately the brand I like doesn't seem to be sold around here anymore-- except in gigantic bottles. Boo.