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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zesty Dinner

Friendly reminder my QUAKER CONTEST is ending at 9pm tonight!! Go comment for your chance to win an all natural robe, slippers and Simple Harvest granola bars!!

Well hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! For some reason, I feel like my week is already half over- and really, it's almost just begun! Maybe it's my change in eating locations that's messing me up!

Last night I made dinner at Nick's again- a very delicious recipe from the amazingly talented Zesty Cook! I made his Basil Chicken, along with some Quinoa and steamed sugar snap peas.

WOW was there a lot of flavor in this fairly simple dish! Although I made Danielle cringe at the "poo" smell of the fish sauce, it was overall very tasty, Nick liked it too so I'm sure I'll make it again!

Although dinner was tasty and filling, I still wanted a little something else for a snack last night, so Nick was nice enough to scoop me a small bowl of Hood Maine Blueberry Frozen Yogurt- my camera was downstairs so I didn't photograph it, but he knows how I like my portions. I'd estimate it was about 3/4 a cup. A nice night time treat!

This morning I was up early- a week off and it's just a little hard to get up at 6am again! I packed myself breakfast to go- a 0% chobani (plain), some TJ's trail mix and a banana. I snacked on 1/2 a chocolate chip PB clif bar on the way to the gym as well, but it was in my car!

The gym felt great- 30 minutes pumped up to level 10 on the stat bike, and 25 minutes of leg strength. I love doing legwork- it's almost relaxing for me!

My first two classes of the day went well, I managed to get a 91 on my last Physio exam, so that made my morning!
After classes I headed to my usual spot in the library to eat lunch and work. I packed a honey ham sammie- 3 slices of honey ham, a light laughing cow and some boston lettuce on a whole wheat arnold's sandwich thin, along with an apple.

I still felt starving for some reason, so I grabbed a small bag of baked lays that did the trick to fill me up. Plus, they totally cured my salt craving!

Tonight I have work as usual- I packed a new flavor of Rachel's cottage cheese for a snack

and some TJ's vegetarian chili and a baggie of carrots and snow peas for some veggies.

I'll be back later on tonight to announce the winner of the Quaker gift bag!!!


Rose said...

That dinner sure looks zesty! :)

Anonymous said...

Those Rachel's yogurts always looks so tasty, but I've yet to try one! This flavor looks delish...can you let us know how it was please? :) Thank you!

Yay, can't wait to see who won the Quaker giveaway!!!