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Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a Friday night should be


Last night was exactly what I needed. After some studying, I packed up my stuff and headed to the grocery store to pick up some essentials (nothing new, just produce+yogurt+canned goods), did a couple more errands and headed back to Nick's, where I was pleasantly surprised to find Eric, his roommate and one of my best friends, who, although I am ALWAYS at his house I haven't seen in weeks! So I got to hang out with him for a while (I get to see him today too!), then he had to leave so I settled down with my new Yoga journal and waited for Nick to come home. I snacked on this HUGE carrot because I got hungry!

He came home early from practice because of the lightning (sailboats are pretty much lightning rods, i figure) and we decided to get take out and a movie and have a nice night in.

We got my favorite- Crazy Burger!

This was my first real burger from Crazy Burger! Although I adore their vegan burgers, I really wanted to branch out and I was glad I did!! I got the The Red Rage Franco Beef & Boursin Burger, which the menu describes as "Freshly ground sirloin, grilled and topped with creamy melty - herbed cheese, roasted sunflower seeds and fine alfalfa sprouts. Sandwiched into a whole wheat Kaiser roll". Oh yea. Can you say amazing?

Yes, I know I had beef two days in a row. Which is very rare for me, because having red meat once a week seems odd for me... let alone twice in a row! Guess I got my iron in for a while, I'll be cutting back next week. But it sure was good!
I downed the entire burger, and about 1/3 the balsamic bean salad.

For a movie, we were planning on watching the new Jim Carey movie... then we realized it didn't come out until next week! So we settled on watching one of my favorite actors, Will Smith (he's amazingly versatile, people!) in Seven Pounds which was honestly incredible. I don't usually cry at movies, and I was really close to at the end. Sad, but in a happy way. Definitely recommended. Go rent it now.

To end the night, Danielle, Eric and Matt came home... with ice cream and oreos. So my amazing boyfriend was nice enough to make me a mini oreo sundae- exactly what I was craving, and the perfect portion.

A great way to end the night!

I have another busy day today, I'm planning on a run this morning with my dad (he's SUPER fast, and I'm working on endurance... we'll see how it goes!
For breakfast this morning I had a yogurt bowl- a 0% chobani topped with a sliced banana, the last of my slivered almonds (1/4 cup) and a dollop of Bonne Maman.

I'll try and post after lunch as well, but as I said, I'm very busy- I'll be out all afternoon with Eric preparing for his sister's party and we're having pizza for dinner, but I have the day off from work tomorrow so I will be posting much more then!!

P.S. In the blog world...

Lucky Taste Buds is giving away Zoe's Granola, which I am desperate to try!!! Enter by April 7!

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ChickPea said...

LOVE Bonne Maman...I also love their jars. I save them and use them for storing leftovers!