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Thursday, May 7, 2009

10 minutes to blog

I've got 10 minutes to blog before Grey's Anatomy comes on. Ready, set... go!

So today was a great day shopping with my parents.
We stopped at the Picnic Basket in downtown 'gansett for lunch before we headed to prov. I had my favorite Ed-wich- Honey turkey, mozarella, lettuce, tomato, roasted red peppers and honey mustard toasted on basil foccacia. With a pickle and a diet iced tea, of course.

I had a coconut pop on the way up!

Shopping was fun, we had a lot of success finding Nick a present for graduation (my Mom put her fashion degree to good use), I got a few things myself- a new dress, some J Crew jeans that fit me perfectly, and some ramekins and a microplane grater at Crate & Barrel.

I was thirsty halfway through, so I had a fresh squeezed lemonade, that was perfect for quenching my parched mouth!

Later in the day I snacked on this bag of Glenny's Soy Crisps as well.

This held me until dinner, where I was excited to make one of my favorites- Shrimp Scampi. I made it just like it should be made- olive oil, lemon, white wine, garlic, a tad bit of butter, and some parsley with multigrain farfalle. I used my microplane to finely shave some fresh parmesan cheese I got from Trader Joes (we stopped on the way home!).

It was a great day, lots of yummy food, and I'm thinking of finishing off with a little treat to end the night... there was talk of Frozen Yogurt, so I'll let you know what happens with that!

Tomorrow I'm trying out a new yoga studio, we're doing some pet shopping and I have my last exam of sophomore year! I'll post when I can!


Erica said...

Oo, which yoga studio? Well, I'm sure I'll just have to wait til your next post to find out, haha.

Anonymous said...

That shrimp scampi looks delicious!!!! :)