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Friday, May 8, 2009

Things you shouldn't eat

So I didn't end up going to yoga this morning. But I will soon! The Soma Center for Yoga and Meditation is right down the street from my apartment, so I'm excited to have a studio so close to practice this summer. But it was SO warm and sunny this morning, a far cry from the rain I was expecting, that I decided to go on a nice run instead.

Time: 47:04
Miles: 5+
Calories burned: 306

It was an awesome run, it was warm, bright, with barely a touch of wind and no humidity to speak of. I ran all the way down Bellevue, past the mansions (if you're familiar with Newport) and back home.

For breakfast I had a nice big bowl of 0% chobani, topped with a sliced banana, strawberries (the last few, some of them went bad!) and a small handful of slivered almonds.

After I ran and showered, I grabbed 1/2 a clif bar to have on the way to do some essentials-shopping with Nick.

We bought cleaning stuff, a mirror, etc... and then we went to the pet store where we came home with a fish! He's a beautiful red beta named Klaus (Anyone watch the animated show American Dad? Well, I had a dream Nick and I got a fish and he talked... so he's named after the talking fish on that show).

When we were driving home, we noticed the Chili dog place down the street was open. Now, Nick has been excited about this chili dog place since the first time we drove to Newport together. So, we had to try it.
I know, I know. A CHILI DOG? Pretty much one of the most unhealthy things I could eat for lunch! But, I kept it to one chili cheese dog, it was disgustingly amazing, and that was that.

I don't think any foods should be "off-limits" entirely- once in a blue moon is ok for anything, even chili dogs =)

I also ate an asian pear after, for some much-needed nutrients after my very lacking lunch.

I have my exam soon (at 3!) and then I'm doing some grocery shopping and grabbing some dinner for Nick and I before we go see the play that my cousins are stage managers of, at my old high school. It's supposed to be funny! I'll post dinner after, which, I guarantee will be healthier than lunch!

*Pictures are going to have to be uploaded tonight, exam soon!!*

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