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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back in the swing of things

My mini-vacation is really over- another 7-hour work day has come and gone and I'm officially back to feeling exhausted by 7 p.m.

Ah, well- I'm making money again! And I'm glad I'm working, Nick's on his way home to Canada for a few days and I'm sure the apartment would feel quite the lonely without him.

Last night I celebrated the end of my mini-vacay with a small bowl frozen yogurt/ice cream combo- chocolate swirl froyo and mint choc chip 'scream.

I started my morning off with a big bowl of fruity cereal to fuel my morning at work.

This bowl included 1 cup optimum power cereal, 1 cup nonfat soy milk, a tiny organic peach, the last strawberry and a small banana.

I didn't photograph my snacks, but mid-morning I had 1/2 my cashew Pure bar from yesterday and in the afternoon I had an organic Pink Lady apple.

For lunch, I packed tofu salad leftovers, along with a bunch of healthy dippers- some carrot sticks and cucumber slices and a Rudi's spelt tortilla with romaine. This was a pretty messy lunch to eat, but it did the job holding me over all afternoon!

After work I was tired, but wanted to get a good workout in so I strapped some plastic wrap on my new tat, and headed to the gym for a sweaty 45-minute elliptical/upper body strength workout. I felt great after, but I was TIRED to begin with!

Dinner was by far the best meal of the day! After the gym I stopped by Belmont's to pick up ingredients for Jenna's Pasta with Chicken and Olive Tomato Cream Sauce. Then I stopped at the Italian bakery up street for some fresh bread.

The recipe was awesome! I loved the sauce, and topped with a tiny bit of fresh parm, this recipe was one to beat.

Now I'm relaxing in my room at my parents' house, I work again tomorrow morning so chances are tonight will be an early night. Have a good one!

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