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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So I hope you all enjoyed my Naturally Thin challenge and recap.

As for my food today, I made use of what I had.


For breakfast I went for an English muffin, only to realize they had molded!! So I borrowed two slices of whole grain honey flax bread from Nick and had pb&b toast with some strawberries on the side.

Nick is still sick, so he didn’t go home today- he’s resting in bed and I’m trying to make him feel better as much as I can. I went for a run around 9, running for 45 minutes and burning 339 calories. After my run I stopped by the store to grab some fresh orange juice. I had a glass myself as a recovery drink.


I had an early lunch because I had an appointment at the tattoo parlor later in the day. I used Nick’s leftover asparagus, that I chopped and mixed with 1/3 cup scrambled egg whites and some goat cheese, as well as my leftover crab stuffed mushrooms.


This was good, but didn’t quite fill me so I had an organic apple along with it.


My lunch held me a while, through errands and my appointment.

Nick’s mom had dropped off some HUGE fresh bakery muffins before they headed out this morning, so I had 1/3 of one as a snack on the go.

I also stopped for a treat- a tall skinny caramel macchiato at Starbucks.


The tattoo appointment went well! I had been wanting to tattoo a meaningful reminder to keep staying strong every day, no matter what happen. So I had Aaron, my amazing tattoo artist, tattoo “Strength” on my ribs- as close as I could get to my heart.


I love it! I love the graffiti style cursive, it’s exactly what I wanted and more.

I ran a couple errands, picked up some groceries so I could make Nick home made chicken noodle soup, and came back to Newport for the night.


After making Nick soup I decided to make my own dinner.  I’m not a huge fan of chicken noodle so I made some tofu salad using extra firm tofu, red onion, celery, some light canola mayo, spicy brown mustard and Spike seasoning (which Bethenny recommends in her book. I love it!). I put some romaine leaves on a Spelt tortilla, and attempted to wrap it up and eat it!!


On the side I had some of my favorite white bean, pepper and rabe salad from the salad bar at Belmont’s I picked up when I was out.


It was a satisfying dinner, but today is definitely a sweets day. I’m thinking of some ice cream soon!!


Off to try and make the boy feel better. Have a great night, I’ll return tomorrorw 


Michelle said...

VERY nice tattoo Kristin!! :)

That tofu wrap look awesome, now I'm craving some!

I enjoyed reading your Naturally Thin recap. It seems like a great concept, and I'm so glad it's working for you! :)

Sharon said...

Oh wow, that is so hardcore with the tattoo!!!!! Awesome!