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Friday, May 15, 2009

Classic Newport Meal

Evening everyone!

Tonight was a lot of fun, Nick's parents bought us dinner and we had a great seafood meal right near the water!

During the afternoon I took a trip to Natural Foods for some organic produce, then came back home and had a green apple and one chocolate chip cookie I baked for Nick's family for an afternoon snack.

Nick's parents, sister and sister's boyfriend came by to see the apartment around 4, Nick got some artwork, so now the room will look a lot nicer! We had some drinks and chatted for a while, then walked down to dinner.

We ate at The Black Pearl, which is known for it's fabulous seafood! We forgot the camera, but I will assure you everything was fantastic! We started by sharing oysters (I had two) and mussels (I had about 8), and I had a few bites of Nick's creamy clam chowder.
For my entree, I ordered the grilled shrimp, which came with 5 plump shrimp, which I ate all of aside from a bite I shared with Nick, french fries which I ate about 5-10 of (they were worth it!) and green beans, which I had half of (they were definitely sauteed in butter!)

After all of this I felt full, but not stuffed. We decided to have coffee and dessert, so Nick and I shared a slice of Key Lime Pie, which was honestly one of the BEST pieces of Key Lime Pie I have ever had! It was rice and creamy with a fresh lime taste, garnished with lime zest. It was incredible. We ate about 3/4 between the two of us, and we were stuffed!

After dinner, we headed to the arcade for a few minutes and had a lot of fun playing games and winning tickets! Nick and I combined ours and got a ridiculous light up bouncy ball, which Nick proceeded to play with on the way home. Lots of fun =)
We walked home, and now we're back at the apartment, relaxing for the night. Tomorrow we're going out with Nick's family again, so I'll post when I can!

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