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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Naturally Thin Recap

So here I am, at the “end” of my first week eating by the Naturally Thin principles.

If you know me in person, you’ll know that I’m not the kind of person to lie about liking something if I don’t. I’m pretty honest; so you can trust me when I say I loved putting the Naturally Thin principles into play.

Living Naturally Thin, I felt a lot more freedom with my food choices. It taught me even more to not be scared of food. Food is not the enemy, nor is it my best friend. I should eat food as fuel, nourishment and a source of pleasure- and not overeat it for any of these reasons. Eating Naturally Thin helped me be more conscious of my food choices, especially balancing choices overall- a treat day with a healthier day, or a carb meal with a protein meal.

I learned to be more choosey, and only have more if something was really good. I feel as though I’m satisfied with less food now that I am slowing down and enjoying my food. I don’t eat extra because I think I MAY be full later. I eat more if I’m hungry. If I’m not, I’m finished. Same goes with snacks. I used to eat two snacks every day, just because. But sometimes, no other reason than that! Now I eat snacks if I’m hungry. If I had a big lunch, chances are I’ll only need something small, or nothing at all, in between lunch and dinner. If I run in the morning, I’ll probably eat more throughout the day. Day to day, my eating habits change.


I learned that I don’t need to do what other people do. I don’t need to clear my plate at dinner, or order a whole entrée- If I want a salad and an appetizer, that’s a good way to go! I need to do what works for me.


Now obviously, I had trouble with a few aspects, such as balancing sweet/savory snacks, but I believe everything Bethenny writes are guidelines, as she states in her last rule, do what is good for you. On some days, I needed two sweet snacks because it was convenient. Most days, I’ll try not to do that. Not restriciting myself and balancing my choices overall is what is best for me.


I also learned to tap back into the world of real foods. More organic, less processed makes me feel better, and not to mention look better and be healthier overall. Eating more naturally is worth the price. And when I can’t afford it, I’ll eat as natural as possible.


Overall, the plan made me think. I never felt restricted, in fact, I felt more in control of my own food choices than ever before. I can guarantee I will keep these rules close to my heart and refer to them in the future for my eating choices.


As a review of the rules and my experiences with them:


1. Your diet is a bank account

            My favorite rule, the basis for all other rules. I’ve been trying to use this one, and it’s definitely going to take some time.


2. You can have it all, just not all at once

            I am constantly faced with choices, and a lot of the time I end up overindulging because I can’t make good choices. This rule has helped me come to terms with eating a variety of foods, and the fact that there’s always another chance to make another choice.


3. Taste everything, eat nothing

            This one I’m iffy about. It works well at a party, or an event, but not in everyday life. I like to eat my food!


4. Pay Attention

            This is one I’m always struggling with, so I’m trying to focus more on the foods I’m putting in my mouth, and what satisfies me.


5. Downsize NOW!

            This was a reality check for me, because I have gotten into eating bigger portions of things, just because they were in front of me. Now I’ve learned I can eat smaller portions and still be satisfied.


6. Cancel your membership to the clean plate club

            This is also a good rule for going out, but not so much at home. It IS good when I put too much on my plate- I don’t feel bad about not finishing it if I’m not hungry anymore.


7. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

            I’m always a work in progress, but so far I’ve had no more binges, and I’m feeling good about the future. Because I CAN have it all- just not all at once ;)


8. Know Thyself

            I thought I knew myself. But after going through a week of eating Naturally Thin, I’ve learned more about myself than I thought. I think getting to know myself more will be helpful in furthering my Naturally Thin lifestyle.


9. Get Real

            This rule made me think more about the processed junk I’ve been eating recently. And when I switched to eating more natural foods for the most part, I’ve felt a lot better, hands down.


10.  Good for you.

            Doing what is GOOD FOR ME and not what will make me skinny, or fit, or whatever, has always been a challenge. I feel like I am more conscious of doing what works for ME and not what works for the fitness model on the cover of Oxygen is an important fact to realize.


As for the other aspects of the plan, I found that most of the time I was eating more vegetables, but less fruit- and still staying satisfied. There were times I missed my fruit, but I realize that fruit does not always hold me over as well as I wish it would. So having fruit as a side instead of a snack has worked well for me.


Overall, this plan may not work for everyone. But the concepts WILL. I firmly believe that by paying more attention to what we eat we can become Naturally Thin.

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