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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to reality

Now that Nick is on his way home, I have to get back to reality... today was a work day, and so are the next two days... then I only have one day off before I start my new job at camp!

My mom was nice enough to go out early this morning and bring back fresh bagels for the family and our "guest" (although he's hardly a stranger). I chose a honey wheat bagel that I smeared with TJ's PB, with a banana on the side. 

For a snack, I had a babybel light cheese, and for lunch I packed an AMAZING sammie. 

Seriously guys, this was probably one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten. And the secret ingredient that made it so special? Trader Joe's Eggplant Red Pepper spread. Sooo good! I used two slices of Nature's Promise Organic 12 grain bread, a big tablespoon of the spread, a light laughing cow wedge and two slices of organic smoked turkey breast. On the side I had some carrots, and the grapes were my afternoon snack. 

I also had a couple small handfuls of trail mix throughout the day- love the Tropical mix! 

I had intended on going to the gym, but it was far too nice out! I was super exhausted though, so instead of wearing myself out on a run, I opted to go for a nice fast 45 minute walk around the neighborhood with my mom. 

When we came home, my mom put together my favorite dish of her's- Tuna Casserole! I had tuna along with a side salad with some leftover dressing from last night.

Plate 1: 

and Plate 2: 


Newport Chocolate! (x2)

I am off to BED, I am one tired girl!

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