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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nick's Visit- end of weekend recap


I am sooo sorry this post is super late! But I wanted as much time away from the computer, spending time with my boy as much as possible, so I'm sure you understand =)

I'll keep it semi brief for boredom's sake. 

Here's a recap of my eats Sunday-Monday... 

Did I eat healthy? Not entirely. But I tried to watch portions and choose my indulgences wisely. 
And the verdict... every indulgence was 100% worth it =)

Snack before we left Sunday morning: 

TJ's Salt-Free PB pretzels and dried figs =)

Lunch- We headed up to Pawtucket with a specific lunch planned. An RI classic, Hot Weiners from Kip's!

Ok, not the healthiest. I know. A weiner covered in seasoned ground beef, onions and mustard? But one of my alltime favorites growing up. The taste reminded me of my childhood, visits to my great grandma's house with my Grandpa and special lunchtime treats. Nick had never had one, so I had to bring him! 

His opinion? Not as good as his beloved chili cheese dogs, but damn good in their own right! He had two, I had one. 

On the side, we had the picture of health... 

Ho Jo potatoes. These are like fries, but seasoned and pan fried instead of deep fried. We shared this, and ate almost all of them. So. Good. 

After Kip's we headed to my favorite park in RI- Slater Park, to ride the Carousel. Another favorite memory from my childhood! Unfortunately, the carousel was under repair and we couldn't ride... but we had fun taking pictures and trying to win candy and stuffed animals anyway =) 

We went to Providence after Pawtucket, because Nick had never been to Thayer street... or had the little treat we stopped for as we walked... 
Bubble tea! I love love love bubble tea! It's iced tea with milk and "bubbles", which are really tapioca pearls! Nick liked them, they don't really have much taste they're kind of like little gummy balls that are really just a lot of fun to suck through the huge straw!

After a while browsing the shops and having fun on Thayer, we headed to meet both of our parents at Red Stripe for dinner.

I love Red Stripe! I had to order my favorite soup first... 
I recently discovered the amazing French Onion Soup, and I absolutely adore it. This bowl was divine! Nick liked it too... 
For my entree, I decided on a salad because I wasn't overly hungry. So I ordered an "everything but the kitchen sink" salad with grilled chicken. Well this, my friends, is what I got...
That is a serving bowl full of salad! It was incredible, packed with TONS of deliciousness, including but not only spring greens, green beans, olives of every sort, chickpeas, feta cheese, tomatoes, hearts of palm, roasted red peppers, cauliflower and hard boiled eggs. 
Amazing. I managed to down 3/4 of this and saved the rest for home. 

We were all so stuffed we passed on dessert, and Nick and I headed to Newport for the night.
He headed to meet a few friends for a while, while I waited for my friend Katrina. We hung out for a while, took a little trip to 7-eleven, which ended in some snack mix and oreos that were consumed throughout the night (whoops...)  We picked Nick up and we all had fun hanging out for the rest of the night. 

We stayed up LATE though, and Monday morning I was super tired! I would have liked to sleep in, but we had already made plans with Nick's parents and my mom to do breakfast at Crazy Burger! So we tiredly made our way back to Gansett for a delicious mid morning feast. 

I started out with fresh squeezed mango grapefruit juice... 
And 0ne of my favorite indulgences, Eggs Benedict with a side of fruit!
I ate both english muffins with egg and ham, and didn't eat too much of the holladaise it was doused in, as much as I like the taste I know how unhealthy it is! I had enough for flavor's sake, and I ate 3/4 of the fruit. 

Since we ate breakfast a little late, lunch was a bit off- I had some animal crackers while helping Nick pack up his room, and then when I got back to Narragansett I had some leftover salad... 
And then a while later I had some grapes (x3) while prepping dinner. 
I made Nick, his parents and my parents/sister dinner for his last night in town!
We started with a delicious salad that I also topped with "Honey" Mustard dressing I whipped up, recipe courtesy of Eat, Drink and Be Vegan. 
The salad had spring greens, red pepper, corn, blueberries and goat cheese!

Dinner was Nick's favorite- Garlic Parmesan Chicken, with some roasted rosemary chicken and blanced broccoli. 
Nick's parents brought over some delicious dark chocolate we shared over coffee after dinner... 
And then we had a special ride to go and get ice cream up the street!
That's my super cool limo driver dad, who drove my cousins to prom (in town) earlier that evening and snuck home for dinner... and to give us a classy ride to Brickley's!
I had my favorite- black raspberry chip with chocolate sprinkles =) 

What a great weekend!

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