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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Guys, I have got to confess right now: I am NOT in the mood to blog. Or do anything, for that matter. 

I am so beat, in every sense of the word. I didn't even exercise today because my legs are SO sore from my workout yesterday (I knew I worked too hard!) and my back feels like it was run over by a mack truck. Work was long, and boring, and I am damn glad this work week is over with for me!

Today was definitely a "listen to my body" kind of day. Hence why I didn't exercise; I wanted to, I felt like I should, and I struggled with saying "ok" to taking a day off. Because of course, I was being super healthy this week. 
But then I thought to myself; what does "being healthy" really mean

It means taking care of yourself. 

And today, my body was in no shape for a workout. All I wanted was the big R: relaxation

So that my friends, is what I did. 

And now without further ado; my eats for the day. 


Yogurt & Cereal bowl with 0% chobani, 3/4 cup Optimum power, banana, blueberries and the last strawberry 


An apple and some mixed nuts. 


A fig newton. 

Yes, I caved. 
My sweet tooth got me today. 
But you know what? It wasn't bad. And I'm not angry at myself about it in the least. Because it was ONE cookie (ok, 1 and a half- I ate another half with my apple!) One cookie never killed anyone, that's for sure. 
For the record, last night a sliced nectarine and a big much of Egyptian Licorice was all the sweets I needed =) 


Greek Salad with romaine, kalamat olives, cucumber, tomato and reduced fat feta, 1 tbsp low fat dressing; turkey rollups 


Chicken piccata, whole wheat couscous and steamed broccoli (broccoli x 2! i loves me some greens!) 


Half of a HUGE mango my awesome dad went out to buy me. It was divine!

Ok, thats all for now folks. I am wiped. I'll be much more enthusiastic after some sleep, I promise!! 


blueskyworld said...

hey kristin!
I've been reading your blog for awhile but never commented before.

You inspire me so much with your Healthy living mind/ body. Healthy means listening to your body and sometimes giving a rest. AND you know how to be healthy! thank you for being such a role model for me.

and your "okay" with sweets are AWESOME!

I hope you feel better tomorrow!

Kristin said...

Thanks so much that means so much to me!

*Andrea* said...

i agree with blueskyworld. i've been following you since the beginning and you never cease to amaze me. moderation is key! not restriction or "will-power".. fig newtons are delicious and sweet and yet not a Mrs. Fields cookie - you know?!!? every day is a new day but i honestly think you are doing great and i love your mentality!

ellie said...

hope you feel more energised after some sleep...some days your body just needs a little TLC and pampering. Have a great weekend!