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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Perfect Meal

Ah, humpday. Here again. 

I must say, this week has been dragging on... probably because Nick is coming to visit me on Saturday and I'm so anxious to see him!! In any case, work has been a drag, to say the least.

And my Green & Healthy challenge? Well, it's going. But I can not tell you how much I am craving a soda or a cup of frozen yogurt right now... Now soda is definitely a "no." I mean, for someone very against artificial sweeteners, I'm very addicted to diet soda and I NEED it to be a special treat, once in a blue moon, instead of a daily fix. 

Now the frozen yogurt... well... I feel a bit like I'm on a "diet". And  I hate diets. This is SO not a diet. I do LOVE the way I've been feeling how I've been eating these last couple of days. Energetic, alert, and I've had no stomach problems whatsoever. 
I definitely needed that "kick" to get me jump started back into my healthy ways. No  more crap for me! 

But my sweets... ah, my sweets. I'm wondering if fruit (like grapes, my late night snack last night) is gunna do it tonight... 
Even if I do cave, I know I'm doing it in moderation. 

Anyway, lets get out of my head and into the food I had today!


A Rudi's whole wheat bagel with TJ's no salt added organic PB, a sliced banana (and a half) and some strawberries. 


A babybel cheese in the morning and some grapes in the afternoon.


Organic turkey + Avocado + Laughing cow light + tomato on a whole wheat sandwich thin with carrots on the side

I also had a small handful of trail mix (unpictured) after lunch because I was still hungry, even after all that healthy stuff!

All my healthy food fueled me at the gym though; I did 30 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes of full body strength. I have to admit, I have not  been doing as much strength training as I used to. It's hard enough as it is to hop on a cardio machine or go out for a run after waking up at 6am and spending 7+ hours at work... my current goal is to get in 2 20-minute sessions each week of full body exercises to keep my muscles strong, but no more gaining for this girl- I have been WAY too tired! My workout was good today though, and I can already tell I did some damage... muscle damage that is! My quads are killing me! 

Dinner was perfect. In every sense of the perfect meal- balance, healthiness, taste... I had the hot and the sweet and the flaky and the squishy and the crunchy... It was colorful, full of Omega 3's, Omega 6's, Vitamins A, C, D, Minerals Iron, Zinc, and more! 

Pan seared salmon rubbed with salt, pepper, cayenne and garlic powder, seared in EVOO with a baked sweet potato (with a dab of Smart Balance) and blanched asparagus. 

My sister says, "can you make that again?"- This coming from the girl who didn't even want salmon for dinner. Guess it was a hit! I loved it, that's for sure!

I'm off to scrounge the kitchen for a healthy dessert! 

Work/Gym tomorrow... same ol' same ol'. I can't wait until the weekend!!! 

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