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Friday, June 12, 2009

Halfway there

Happy Friday!!

The weekend is finally here, and boy was I glad for a day off! 

Of course I didn't lay around all day, as much as I would have liked to! 

I started out with a healthy green breakfast... 

Ok, not so green. But it had lots of greens in it! Spinach, banana, frozen and fresh berries and nonfat soy milk- the perfect start to my day =)

I needed to get some exercise in, but my legs were still very much sore from a couple days ago!
So, I decided (as I posted on my new Twitter account...) to do some walking, and some yoga for a mix of cardio, strength and stretching. 

Worked like a charm! My legs aren't perfect, but my back is  much better, the 20 minutes of speed walking and the 20 minutes of Yoga Downloads were perfect. 

After yoga I had a small snack to hold me until lunch: 

Raincoast crisps and TJ's organic PB! Yum! 

I ran a couple errands, grabbed some groceries and headed back home for a FABULOUS mexi-inspired lunch!

This was one of the greatest Mexi-salads I have ever eaten! I took the hint from miss Gina and Jenna, and combined spicy with savory for a delicious healthy salad! 

Spring greens, black beans, sweet corn, reduced fat mexi cheese, salsa and home made guac (avocado, tomato, onion, lime, cumin, garlic, tabasco, s&p), fresh cilantro and carrots on the side. 

For a snack, I had a juicy nectarine. 

Dinner was by far the best meal of the day though! 

Burgers and fries!

Can you say yum?!?! 

For the sweet potatoe fries, I tossed sliced sweet potatoes with EVOO, sea salt, pepper and garlic powder in a baggie and baked for 30 minutes at 425, turning every 10 minutes or so. 

I had a few more sweet potatoes, and some leftover tomato slices!

Tonight I am staying in; again! I'm not completely anti-social, I promise! I've just been busy and so have my friends! Plus, I enjoy my movie nights with my mom =) 
Tonight we're watching a movie On Demand and having our healthy dessert treat- Stonyfield Organic yogurts! 

Have a great Friday all! 

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the twins said...

yum, i love sweet potato fries. i've always wondered how those smoothies with greens in them would taste. i hate veggie juice, but maybe i'll try the smoothies someday. do they taste like spinich?